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Review: Jericho
© 2006

A new CBS show with real potential!
5 Turtle Shells so far...

"Things are quiet and peaceful in small-town Jericho, Kansas, but when a baffling explosion occurs in the distance, Jericho's residents are plunged into social, psychological and physical chaos. No one knows what to think, and fear of the unknown takes over the town, especially because its isolation cuts it off from outside help. When nearly everything they know seems gone, will the residents of JERICHO band together to face their unfamiliar and mysterious new world?"

This could be quite a good series by CBS (Wednesdays, 8:00 p.m. EST) If the writers hold true to the principles of survival, this show could teach Americans a lot.


The Jericho Web Site is very good. Below you will find a city map for the city of Jericho, KS. This helps me get a geographical reference to movement in the plot from place to place.

RogueTurtle liked the first episode of this series very much. It contains a lot of the things that I have been preaching about for years.

WATCH THIS SHOW and you just might learn something.

RogueTurtle's summary of the plot so far:

In the small town of Jericho, Kansas, a "black sheep" son returns home to get money held in trust from his grandfather, but controlled by his father. As he encounters old friends who ask what he has been doing, he gives each one a different answer. We still don't know. When the father refuses to give him the trust money he needs for an as-yet unknown reason, the son leaves town. Things happen fast and furious while he is driving.

In the distance (I assume to the west of town) an apparent nuclear explosion occurs in what the town thinks is in Denver, Colorado. The city workers get out the Geiger counters and there is apparently no fallout in the town (yet). Later in the day, the nervous townspeople begin the first stages of panic as there is no outside communication since all radio, TV, and telephone systems are not working. Attempts to reach the Kansas governor by radio are uncertain, but they are trying. (Map Quest does not show a city in Kansas named Jericho.)

The "wayward" son, who is driving away from Jericho, has a head-on collision with an older couple who are watching the mushroom cloud and not the road. The couple is killed instantly but the son is only injured. Both cars are totaled.

While trying to walk back to town for help, the son runs into a school bus full of kids returning from an excursion. The bus driver is dead, the adult on board is injured, and there is a young girl with a neck bruise that causes her throat to swell shut. After the girl stops breathing the young hero performs a tracheotomy with a pen knife and insert's straws from the kids' drinks into her airway, allowing her to recover. Unbelievably, when the young girl awakens, she does not panic nor is she in pain from the neck surgery done on her without anesthetic. (They'll have to work on points like this.) The son gets the bus moving, but it is running out of gas.

The townspeople, worried about the missing school bus, send out the Sheriff and a search party to look for the kids. What they find is a wrecked prison bus that has obviously been used to carry prisoners. One of the cops is killed by a prisoner. The other prisoners (assuming there is more than one) are missing. The evildoers are afoot.

As darkness falls on the town, the electricity fails and the townspeople begin fighting at the gas pumps as people try to hoard gasoline. (How the pumps are working with the electricity being off is not explained.) There is also fighting at the local food store due to panic buying (and petty theft). This is pretty close to what really happens.

The errant son finally gets the school bus into town with the children and medical attention is given to all who need it. Somehow, without communications, the ambulances knew to show up. (More thought needed here, although local short-range radios are apparently still working.)

Other characters in the plot are very interesting. There is a loud-mouth citizen who demands to be listened to no matter what and a mayor who is a respected and trusted (natural) leader. There is a recently-moved-in man (the only black man in town) who is an ex-police officer from a large metropolitan area. He has great ideas but as of yet, he is ignored because he is new to Kansas, and the race card hasn't been played (yet). All these characters should make this town an interesting place to live.

At the end of the show, they find out that Denver was not the only place that got nuked . . . Atlanta also took a hit. Now it's dark, there is no electricity, and panic is setting in . . . STAY TUNED.

What's Next?

Look for the following predictable subjects to come up in future episodes:

  • Roaming bands of survivors, including families with kids, will drain the resources of the town until some hard decisions have to be made on whether or not to help these strangers.

  • Bad guys, who never worked for a living anyway, will try to rob and steal critical items for themselves. What do you do with them once you capture them? Only the Military can declare Martial Law. Or can they?

  • A decision must be made to organize armed resistance against the marauding bands. Arming citizens and making a militia, without government "permission" will be discussed - and they'll do it anyway.

  • Fortifications will be discussed for critical services such as fuel, hospitals, food supplies.

  • Establishing communications by HAM radio and/or satellite telephone systems, or by computer using satellite links.