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Radiological Survey Meter

During the "cold war" years of the 1950‘s and 60‘s, America began stockpiling hardened nuclear shelters with all sorts of food and equipment. The Civil Defense people were all wearing metal pith helmets and practicing air raid warnings. School children were scared to death about nuclear blast and fallout, even in grade school. I vividly remember that the original "duck and cover" was for a nuclear blast...not a tornado or hurricane warning.

One of the very "hi-tech" devices put out into these shelters were the radiological survey meters like the one shown on the left. Kept in storage (without the batteries installed), many of these devices are in the original condition they were stored in.

The Turtle's Survey Meter

I thought it would be a neat idea to own one of these little pieces of history so I jumped on eBay and bought one. It is a CD V-715 Model No. 1A Radiological Survey Meter, Manufactured in 1962. It was delivered to me in the original shipping container from the manufacturer.

So, what would happen if I tried to use it? I don't know how accurate it is after 44 years of storage. Fortunately, the original owner's manual was included in this deal, so I found the manufacturer was the Victoreen Instrument Company, of Cleveland (3), Ohio. (The three was the 1960's version of a zip code.) But, alas, many purchases and changes in ownership made it difficult to track down just exactly who to send my "new" meter to.

But I found them. With the cooperation of a couple of very nice ladies, you can contact the Fluke Corporation...and they can calibrate your machines. But, if it's broken, they cannot fix it. Many of the parts in these machines are no longer made or in stock. The calibration cost will be $190.00, with a turn around time of 5 days. (My family is worth $190.00, isn't yours?)

Call these folks and find out if they can calibrate YOUR meter. It's worth the call.


Global Calibration Laboratory
6045 Cochran Road
Cleveland, OH 44139-3303 USA

Tel 440.498.2564 or 800.850.4606
Fax 440.542.3682


To send products for repair or calibration, a Service Return Authorization (SRA) is required, which may be obtained by calling a customer service representative (440.598.2564 or 800.850.4606 ext. 2564), or via email ( Shipping instructions will be provided when you receive your SRA.

Heidi and Susan Thorley from Fluke inform me that they are capable of also calibrating Bicron, Ludlums, and Eberline survey meters. I assume at the same cost, but it would pay to call their 800 number and find out first.

Well, it's nice to know that there's someone out there willing to help us out. Thank you, Fluke, for your perseverance, kindness, and prompt replies to my inquiries.

KI4U, Inc.

A reader wrote in with another option for survey meter calibration. You can check out Rogue Turtle has not worked with them, but they might also have what you need.